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Driveways and Walkways

We Install Stone Paths, Driveways and Sidewalks

Bastrop TX Concrete specializes in concrete driveways and walkways.


Concrete driveways and walkways are key components to every property. Additionally, we understand that curb appeal matters and your home is your castle. Also, the appearance and functionality of your home is important to {the value of your property|real estate value. So, for concrete driveways and walkways, call our group. Kyle Concrete Pros are the experts when it comes to anything concrete.

Our team has an extensive amount of specialist experience as concrete contractors. Therefore, we offer a wide range of skilled services to all our customers.

Also, we work endlessly to build our reputation as a friendly, local concrete contracting service. Our welcoming environment allows our customers feel comfortable talking to us about their concrete projects. We want you to feel part of the process every step of the way.

Professionally installed concrete driveways and walkways last longer than other material. And, with a variety of design options available, see that you can match the new installation to your current look. Therefore, there are numerous ways you can blend your new creation to work with your existing property’s style when you work with us at Kyle Concrete Pros.

Benefits of Concrete Walkways and Driveways

There are various of reasons for having a driveway or walkway made from concrete. Here are a few:

  • Expense
    The cost of installing concrete driveways and walkways is more affordable than other materials such as interlocking pavers.
  • Low Maintenance
    Concrete requires very little maintenance, which saves you both time and money. Our driveways and walkways can last over 20 years. Additionally, weeds will not grow on the paved area.
  • Concrete is Strong
    Concrete is one of the most sturdy materials for landscaping. It withstands wear and tear on a structure like a driveway with constant use. If concrete is installed correctly by professionals, it lasts a very long time.  Additionally, Bastrop TX Concrete’s precise concrete blending services can be customized to the specific demands of your project.
  • Nice Appearance
    Concrete can maintain a polished, professional finish without the requirement of lots of maintenance.  We think it’s the best way to add curb appeal and to impress your neighbors and friends.
  • Customizable
    Customize your very own project. Choose from our diverse range of colors and designs. This includes an endless array of textures, patterns, and shapes.
  • Seasonally Friendly
    Make your concrete work for you. If your driveway or walkway is finished in a light color, it will stay cool under the hot sun. Therefore, during the Texas summer months you can easily walk on your driveway. Additionally, in winter months, you can quickly remove snow from concrete driveways.

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We are a professional, friendly team of fully vetted, highly-skilled craftsmen. We appreciate our work with concrete. And, no job is too large or too small! 

Additionally, our company prides ourselves on the workmanship of our Bastrop TX driveways and walkways. However, don’t take our word for it. Look at our website and see our satisfied customer reviews.

Efficient, honest, and reliable, Bastrop TX Concrete has a fabulous reputation. We maintain a professional approach by ensuring our team is motivated and fully committed to every concrete project we do.

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