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Bastrop TX Concrete Specializes in Concrete Repair and Concrete Patios

Concrete Repair and Concrete Patios

Contact Bastrop TX Concrete for concrete repair and concrete patios.

Everyone knows how ugly uneven concrete patios look with cracks and uneven surfaces. Not only are these unseemly, but they are dangerous because they pose risks for your family and friends!

Concrete patios sometimes develop cracks over time due to shifts in the soil, erosion, strain from load-bearing, and foot traffic. This stresses the concrete slab and cracks and fractures form. Not attending to these problems causes the damage to grow from being an unsightly blemish to a safety hazard.

Bastrop TX Concrete efficiently transforms that unattractive patio into something of beauty and functionality for all to enjoy.

Our highly-skilled company of Bastrop concrete contractors repair and rejuvenate your current concrete patio. Or, we create a brand-new concrete patio for your front or back yard or commercial property.

Our concrete patio offerings encompass the entire patio project from beginning to completion and at incredibly competitive prices.

Our Services

Bastrop TX Concrete offers our valued customers both concrete patios and concrete repair services.

Concrete Repair

  • Repairs – Sometimes, it is a struggle to know if you should fix your concrete patio or tear it out and start over. Typically, if you have a crack in your concrete that is more than half an inch wide, consult an expert.
  • An experienced and trusted professional concrete contractor will advise you on repair or replacement. Our project foremen are honest and offer good advice with your best interests in mind.

Repairs are completed quickly and at affordable prices. If it is decided that repair is possible, our team cuts out the existing cracks and replaces them with special fillers. These fillers are durable and strong.




Concrete Patios

The structure of your home’s interior does not experience weather conditions like your outdoor structures. Your outdoor concrete patio deals with temperature and moisture fluctuations. These factors severely hamper your options for repair. In some cases, it is advised to tear out the current patio and design a new one.

Installation of a new concrete patio offers many options. Concrete patios are extremely attractive when built by highly trained craftsmen. Kyle Concrete Pros installs patios that are smooth, level, and clean. Also, we add curvilinear, or geometric shapes to the design when requested. And, the patio doesn’t have to be the normal gray! Bastrop TX Concreteoffers a multitude of colors and tints for you to choose from.

In addition to these services, we ensure no grass grow in between your slabs. There are two options available for this advanced, clean look. First, our crew precisely butts your pavers together. Or, we leave spaces in between pavers for pea gravel, pebbles, or a tight, low-growing ground cover. You decide the look you want.

Additionally, customize your concrete patio by choosing to have the concrete polished, or add embeds to the edges. Also, by using our specialist techniques during the curing process, we can add a pattern or texture to your concrete patio!

Therefore, we are excited to accommodate your tastes and style, to meet your wallet. We are experts with decorative concrete patios.

Give our professional, highly-skilled crew of concrete contractors a call. We provide exceptional patio design. Additionally, receive a no-obligation free estimate from our project foreman today!

Offering Free Quotes on All Custom Concrete Repair and Concrete Patios – We Stand Behind Our Work!

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