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Bastrop TX Concrete Offers Concrete Slabs and Foundations

Slabs and Foundations

Bastrop TX Concrete specializes in foundations and slabs. Also, we provide foundation repair.

In Texas, the majority structures and properties are built on concrete slabs. This is due, in large part, because the weather directly influences have.

The foundation your house is built on has a great impact on the structural integrity of your building. Often, due to soil shifting, foundations move and cracks form. But, as with any building material, maintenance and repairs ensure this very popular building product lasts for many years.

Bastrop TX Concrete is premier concrete contractor. Our crew offers high-quality concrete services including installation and repair of concrete foundations and slabs.

Features of Our Foundations and Slabs

Benefits and Features

Our slab foundations are typically comprised of concrete that is 4″–6″ thick in the center. We place the concrete slab on a layer of sand for drainage and it acts as a cushion.

If you’ve got cracks in your slabs, foundation, or walls, contact us for repair work. Professional repair ensures no further damage and expense occur. 

Leaving cracks in your concrete foundations or slabs often leads to structural damage to your property. As a result, loss of your building’s value and structural integrity occurs. The longer you leave it, the more your foundation sinks, causing further expensive damage.

Additionally, hairline cracks are the first indicator you could have a foundation problem. If these spread hire the professionals at Bastrop TX Concrete. Our team will come and assess the damage and cracking.



Benefits of concrete slabs and foundations

There are a number of reasons why concrete foundations are a great advantage for your building:

  1. Cost Savings- Cost savings is a huge advantage. It is possible to save a significant about of money. A house built with a concrete slab doesn’t have a crawl space or basement. And this is a major savings.
  2. Less Time to Dry- A concrete slab does not take long to dry. This means that there are fewer delays. Having no basement speeds up the process significianly.
  3. You are Protected from Pests- A concrete slab protects your building from termites, animals and other insects. This is because there are no open spaces underneath the property that give access to wooden joists or supports that animals or insects can eat.
  4. Less Risk of Damage from Flooding- Concrete slabs lower the risk of damage from flooding.
  5. Fewer Steps- Slab homes are typically constructed lower to the ground than homes with basements or crawl spaces. Therefore, fewer steps are warranted to access the house. This is particularly necessary for people who need easier access.

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