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Bastrop TX Commercial Concrete Contractor

Bastrop TX Concrete is proud to be the premier commercial concrete contractor Bastrop. Frequently people don’t understand is that there’s a significant difference between residential concrete services and commercial concrete services. Our group provides both. Honestly, no job is too big or too small!!

We offer the following commercial concrete services: industrial buildings, adding onto business facilities, parking lots, retail stores, warehouses, and resturants. Commercial concrete is found nearly everywhere in a building. This includes walls, floors, exterior walkways and pavement, and architectural intricacies.

Compared with residential concrete projects, commercial concrete has greater demands placed on it. This is in relation to structural performance and durability. Additionally, commercial concrete floors and pavement, require a stronger concrete mix design and heavier reinforcement. This includes post-tensioned slab construction. Our highly trained teams understand all these things and are experts with commercial concrete jobs!

There are numerous significant advantages to hiring a commercial concrete contractor. First, we understand the industry exceptionally well. Second, we are familiar with the local area and climate. Our crews live in locally and work here too. This gives us a great advantage because we understand special requirements warranted for construction and design specific to this area.

Commercial Concrete Services


Commercial Concrete Services

  • Large and Small Commercial Concrete Projects– Bastrop Concrete TX often works on a variety of commercial building projects. These include parking lots, restaurant floors, and warehouses. Our team is happy to provide the top commercial concrete services at the most competitive rates. Regardless the type of project or location, we provide the highest quality results in the most timely fashion.
  • Innovative Building Methods– We are efficient in working with innovative building methods. This includes tilt-up concrete walls, a popular building trend. It is frequently used because of efficiency, flexibility, and speed of construction. Additionally, our professionals use decorative precast concrete to improve the exteriors of commercial buildings. This is often found in architectural foundations such as wall panels, window sills, and columns. Let us know if you want to know more about these practices.
  • Commercial Resurfacing and Polishing – Bastrop TX Concrete are experts in wet and dry floor polishing.  Dry floor polishing is the method most often used because it is fast, convenient, and environmentally friendly. However, wet polishing uses water to cool the diamond abrasives and destroy grinding dust. The water decreases friction and acts as a lubricant. This increases the life of the polishing abrasives. Bastrop TX Concrete has invaluable experience in applying multifaceted waterproofing systems. These features allow for not only moisture protection. Additionally they provide, application by our team, long term warranty protection, and drainage enhancement.
  • Specialized Concrete Floors– We offer concrete flooring for a number of structures. Including: industrial, schools, medical, offices, churches and more.  These floors can be decorative and polished, offering a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Our design team works to suit your style and design, all within your budget. Finally, we also produce concrete floors durable enough to deal with high volume traffic.

Call Bastrop TX Concrete to be your commercial concrete contractor.

Bastrop TX Concrete is a professional commercial company committed to customer satisfaction. We provide high-end product quality and timely service. Our customers are always satisfied. Additionally, our complete waterproofing capability serves to enhance the overall integrity of our concrete product.

Therefore, if you are planning for a new commercial concrete build, hire Bastrop TX Concrete. Also, if you’re remodeling an existing structure, contact us! Contact us at 512-872-6099 for a free estimate with no obligation.

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